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Top Naming, Branding and Digital Marketing Strategies



Our brokerage team's core focus is to broker our clients elite .com and .ca naming inventory to U.S., Canadian and global companies, who have the vision to leverage the best naming and branding strategies for e-commerce. Naming Advisors is a leading naming and branding advisory firm positioned to provide business advice and counsel to high-net-worth individuals, internet retailers and companies.



We deliver a proven brokerage strategy. With over 25 years combined global experience in niche media sectors, our consultancy will acquire passionate, relevant and engaged buyers for your domain or e-commerce business while enhancing your online asset's branding and market visibility.




Regardless of the digital asset that you own - be it boating, cycling, auto or other niche vertical - we can help you sell or grow your online business. Please drop us a line, and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.



Our mission at Naming Advisors is to provide effective solutions designed to sell domains or e-commerce sites or to rapidly grow your online business.

Our consultants design solutions that are customized to the needs of your business by matching the right buyers with the best domains and e-commerce brands in the world. Check out our commercial and consulting solutions and services! 


“We worked with Steve to sell our premium domains - each domain was sold above asking price and sold with a fast turnaround. Steve is dedicated to the cause and extremely well informed.”

John Duffin, CEO Media Merce LLC

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