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ABOUT is an international, premium domain name brokerage services group brokering top generic, keyword-driven .com and .ca (Canada's ccTLD) domain name assets in the United States, Canada and worldwide. Our brokerage team's core focus is to broker our clients elite .com and .ca naming inventory to U.S., Canadian and global companies, who have the vision to leverage the best naming and branding strategies for e-commerce. Naming Advisors is a leading naming and branding advisory firm positioned to provide business advice and counsel to high-net-worth individuals, internet retailers and companies. Naming Advisors applies their Internet advertising, sales and marketing expertise to identify their clients’ highest-value naming rights opportunities to transform their enterprises.

Steve Smith

Steve has successfully delivered a variety of C-level initiatives for global commercial development, domain and e-commerce companies, brokering deals for combined value of over $10MM.

Steve is instrumental in terms of understanding e-commerce requirements and developing a clear and actionable strategy that suits the online client's needs.

He’s also a dog person.

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Xavier Gonzalez
Director of Strategy

As the former Director of Crypto Magic, Xavier is a proven strategic achiever at board level with extensive experience of initiating and delivering e-commerce projects for major media companies, business transformation and change management projects, new product development and digital/new media ventures.

Specialties include:

* E-commerce solutions

* Business Transformation
* Digital / New Media Ventures
* New Product Development


“We're a disciplined and nimble consultancy providing thought leadership in the domain and e-commerce space. We look forward to meeting you to show you how our tactical solutions will enhance your overall sales and marketing strategy."


So what are you waiting for, let's connect!


Steve Smith, Founder Naming Advisors

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